Traveling with jewelry

The summer holidays are in full swing, which means it’s the perfect time for us to share some holiday engagement ring/jewelry tips.

Get it inspected

It’s a good idea to have your jewelry, and especially your engagement ring, inspected before you leave on vacation.

Pass by your jeweler before you go on a holiday. They can inspect your engagement ring and make sure the stone is not too loose in its setting and that the band still fits you well.

That being said, checking whether the diamond in your engagement ring is a bit loose, is something you should check regularly. A diamond in a secure setting should not show any movement when you tap it with your fingernails.

Beach/pool days

Don’t wear your ring in the ocean or the pool.

Cold ocean water will cause your fingers to shrink, making it easy for rings to slip off and sink to the bottom of the ocean. Even in shallow water your jewelry piece could get swept up by the current and be lost forever.

In the pool, the danger of your rings slipping off exists as well, but that’s not all, the chlorine in pool water can damage gold and platinum.

On top of that, sunscreen can cause grime to build up which will make your diamond or gemstone lose it’s beautiful sparkle.

Don’t wear your jewelry during outings

Out scuba diving or hiking? Whenever you are on an active outing or simply when you are not wearing your engagement ring or other (diamond) jewelry pieces, we recommend locking them in the hotel room safe.

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